Our commitment to the environment:
Design and style are the obvious face of a jewelry business, but the practice behind it is the most impacting. How it is created and its footprint on the world is absolutely key. Building relationships with ethically empowered vendors and suppliers to support sustainable practices is paramount. Each Jen Leddy Studios piece of jewelry is entirely hand-fabricated using traditional goldsmithing techniques from 100% SCS certified recycled metals. We use recycled, antique, post-consumer, and/or conflict free diamonds. Our gemstones are natural and carefully chosen by hand from select vendors who uphold ethical and transparent business practices (mine-to-market when possible). We also enjoy working with client's heirloom jewelry for re-purposing. Depending on the provided items and the desired new design, this can include credit for the metal towards your new piece, or on occasion melting and reworking existing metal for sentimental reasons. Contact us through the Custom Page for more information about repurposing. 
Our sustainable practices:
In our studio we have implemented procedures and products that help reduce our waste by choosing recycled when available, and recycling and re-using anything we can, including refining all metal scraps and sweeps through a trusted Green SCS certified refiner. Jewelry studios can be known for their potentially harmful chemicals, compounds, and solutions. We at Jen Leddy Studios have chosen the most environmental friendly, bio-degradable, and non-toxic supplements or replacements to these as are available in our industry.
We are working hard to bring our packaging up to our sustainability standards! This will include ring boxes, business cards, tape, stickers, and even shipping labels. We will be sharing more details soon.
*We want to be as transparent as possible and take pride in the choices we have made in our studio to uphold our environmental values. It is an ever evolving process, so we intend to share more as things progress!