Jewelry is delicate by nature, so please be conscientious while wearing your jewelry and ensure you care for it properly. First and foremost, the very best practice for fine jewelry is to follow the motto  “last thing on before you leave the house, first thing off when you come home.” In reality it is very difficult to follow that regimen routinely, so here is the true KEY: always keep your jewelry clean and dry! 

Best practice is to remove your jewelry when bathing, beaching, exercising, applying perfume and lotion, house cleaning with chemicals, gardening, or sleeping (and be sure to store it in a safe place, like a jewelry box or small dish on your dresser or nightstand so you always know where it lives when not being worn). Avoid chlorinated pools at all times; the chemicals will change the color of your jewelry or damage stones. Removing your rings before these certain activities is the most important: before swimming (high risk of it falling off), before climbing or lifting weights (potential danger to your finger if caught in an accident), before applying lotion or bar soap (can get caked into crevices and between settings which can dull stones or loosen settings), and lastly before sleeping (especially with prongs because they are prone to damage when caught in blankets or sheets). 

When you’re not enjoying the daily wear of a piece, storage is important. For the long term, keep it protected from impact and exposure in a jewelry box or secure drawer. Using individual pouches or plastic baggies reduces the potential for scratching or tarnishing (sterling silver).

Note: oxidized sterling silver is a patina that naturally wears away over time depending upon the type and frequency of wear, eventually highlighting raised surfaces and leaving only recessed areas blackened. Re-oxidation is available free of charge to bring them back to their original fully blackened look (just pay return shipping).


Routine cleaning and upkeep ensures your jewelry remains beautiful and like-new! Please follow the appropriate cleaning procedure matching your piece. When in doubt, please reach out and ask how best to clean your specific piece. We’ll be happy to walk you through it!


*Remember to insert your drain catch before cleaning your jewelry*

General: Applies to all Jen Leddy Studios jewelry of gold, silver, oxidized sterling silver, palladium, and platinum with diamonds and gemstones EXCEPT traditional Juicy Gems (though the RAISED Juicy Gems settings can follow these guidelines). Just ask if you’re not sure.

  • To clean: Using either your fingers or a designated jewelry-only toothbrush, gently massage/scrub the piece with warm water and Dawn soap (original blue preferred). Be sure to get into and behind settings, around stones. Rinse thoroughly. Shake out excess water. Pat thoroughly dry with soft cloth. 

  • To ensure thorough drying: You can use a small piece of paper towel in between the setting backing to absorb excess water droplets. You can also apply a blow dryer on cool or lukewarm temperature for just a few seconds, in a circular motion at a couple inches away from the piece, to confirm that it is completely dry.

  • Take extra care during cleaning and drying with soft or porous stones like turquoise, opal, and pearl

  • Avoid using commercial jewelry dips

  • Use polishing cloths on polished pieces ONLY (otherwise you could remove texture of matte finishes)

  • Ultrasonics can be used with metal only pieces OR pieces with diamond, sapphire or ruby ONLY (sonic waves can damage other gemstones)


Bridal: Follow the “General” guidelines for cleaning at home. In addition, annual, or at minimum bi-annual, professional cleaning and stone tightening is recommended. Especially for prong settings and pavé - with normal wear gold abrades away and prong settings loosen. Platinum doesn’t abrade, but displaces, which still may require attention. Please contact me to schedule a professional cleaning, it is free of charge (just pay return shipping). Reach out if you have any questions!


Juicy Gems: Do NOT submerge any fully closed bezel set gemstone piece in water. Moisture can get trapped behind the stone and cause discoloration, mold, or at worst damage the stone. (There is one exception, the RAISED Juicy Gems versions which have open backings and clear openings on the side of the setting, can follow the “General” guidelines.) Just ask if you’re not sure.

  • To clean: Use a damp soft cloth or paper towel to wipe away any dust or dirt. If extra cleaning is needed, apply a salt grain sized dab of Dawn to the damp cloth and gently scrub (avoiding the edge of bezels). Rinse the cloth completely before repeating, removing soap residue, and then patting thoroughly dry. 


Tarnished Sterling Silver: Struggling with stubborn tarnish on your bright sterling silver pieces? Fear not! Follow these environmentally friendly cleaning guidelines to brighten silver and remove tarnish:

  • In a heat-resistant bowl lined with aluminum foil, place your pieces loosely and distributed evenly.

  • Sprinkle a thin coat of baking soda to cover pieces completely.

  • Pour hot (not quite boiling) water over the jewelry, just enough to submerge it. This will initiate a bubbling chemical reaction that breaks away dirt and tarnish. Agitate the bowl for a least a minute. This ensures the reaction reaches all nooks and crannies.

  • Let soak for several minutes. Gently wash with Dawn dish soap (original blue preferred), rinse well, pat thoroughly dry.

  • Store in a sealed plastic baggy – or wear as usual!

  • *DON’T clean your oxidized sterling silver pieces this way; it will remove the blackened patina.

  • *If still not bright and shiny, you can repeat the above cleaning process as necessary. Or, use a dime-sized portion of baking in your palm with a couple drops of water to create a liquid paste, and gently rub into jewelry. Or, use a clean, soft toothbrush with the baking soda or Dawn soap and gently scrub. Wash, rinse, and pat dry.