Honing the craft to express the beauty of subtlety.


Mastering the understated statement is the goal of Jen Leddy Studios' design. Jewelry inspired by minimalism and delicacy in its modern form but that pays homage to its inception in history and vintage aesthetics through old-world, traditional techniques. Jen, a true Libran at heart constantly striving for balance, utilizes asymmetrical balance to create a subtle play that is eye-catching without being distracting. That balance appears in composition, texture, and color. Simplicity in design allows for the jewelry to be timeless, speaking to multiple generations. 

Jewelry has purpose; often different for everyone. But what reigns true across the board is we adorn ourselves with jewelry for an important personal reason: expression. It could be for outwardly sharing something or inwardly cherishing something. Either way it is an expression of personality. 

Jen loves to create pieces that allow YOU to express your reason.

Design and style are the obvious face of a jewelry business, but the practice behind it is the most impacting. How it is created and its footprint on the world is absolutely key. Jen Leddy Studios is entirely hand fabricated using traditional goldsmithing techniques from recycled precious metals. All gemstones are natural and ethically sourced (mine-to-market when possible), and all diamonds are conflict-free, recycled, or post-consumer. Building relationships with ethically empowered vendors and suppliers to support sustainable practices is paramount.


Jen is dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship. Each and every piece is created from scratch beginning with sheet, scrap, and wire, then transformed through melting, forging, forming, soldering, sanding, polishing, and setting. Each piece receives individual attention and care, therefore beautifully unique, and often one-of-a-kind.


From a young age Jen was drawn to the creation of tiny things. That tendency blossomed into a love of arts and crafts, and then focused into the medium of clay, building both functional and sculptural ceramics. Subsequently, and born from an introductory metalsmithing class in Florence, Italy in 2007, Jen's jewelry path ignited. The exposure to a medium that embodies controlled expression and precision in contrast to the imperfect and variable world of clay, was instantly captivating. Jewelry, and more specifically old-world traditional handcrafted jewelry, presented Jen with the best of both worlds. She discovered an ideal combination of skill driven craft, small scale manipulation by hand, and the undeniable function jewelry has as wearable art, both durable and symbolic, and its long-standing form of significance that transcends time. 


Originally from Colorado, Jen transplanted to San Francisco for almost 7 years, where she continued her jewelry training at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and elevated her business one customer, one class, and one retail account at a time. She currently lives and works from her home studio in Austin, TX where everything is 100% handmade in-house.